How can we help you?

How can we help you?

PNI supplements have a wide range of supplements available, catering from beginner gym goers to advanced bodybuilders the products that we offer can help anyone willing to make a change or advancement a possibility!

Our best seller; Lean Shake Plus

A staple of the PNI brand, the lean shake plus offers a extreme high and potent protein formula whilst boasting an extremely low carb and fat count. An ideal protein meal replacement supplement for anyone who would want to incorporate more protein into their diet without the added worry of consuming calories, the Lean Shake Plus offers a perfect solution that can be adapted into anyones dietary plan and needs. 

Struggle to Gain Weight? Pure Mass Advanced

Aptly named the Pure Mass Advanced is an advanced complex GI and protein formula made to aid those who may struggle to put on size and strength and find that weight gain does not come easy to them. Pure Mass Advanced also boasts a low sugar count when compared to other mass gainers, making it the healthier and less bloating option for anyone who finds it a struggle to eat their daily calorific intake.  

Eat Enough Veggies? Super Greens

Vegetables are a staple of any diet and having enough micronutrients within the diet will aid in proper digestion and immune function. Baring this mind PNI combines over 23 different plant extracts to create Super Greens, a high alkalic formula made with the consumer in mind. Super Greens contain the best and highest micronutrient count superfoods to best alleviate anyones worries over whether they are eating enough vegetables.


Different Dietary Directions? Plant Based

Our diets change to suit our needs, moving off the ordinary path tends to make hitting adequate macro & micro nutrients difficult.
However, PNI supplements have formulated a Plant Based Protein , high in protein with an added kick of Spirulina giving those who choose to steer away from animal products the choice of still getting enough calcium and iron and other much needed nutrients to help the body function.

How can we help?

We hope you have enjoyed this blog as a quick introduction into some of the products that we offer, if you have any problems feel free to contact us and we will help you out the best we can!

Stay Well, Healthy and Humble!