Active Greens

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    About PNI Active

    We brought PNI Active to market to provide products with purpose. We do not compromise on taste or quality of Ingredients used.

    PNI Active is a brand used by elite athletes and every day people looking to either give them an edge in the gym or improve their overall health and lifestyle.

    We understand there is a lot of choice when it comes to purchasing Nutritional supplements, we truly believe we are at the forefront of supplementation. We ensure we have full control over every aspect of our brand, from sourcing raw materials to manufacturing our own products in or state of the art facility.

    We have only 2g sugars 0g fat yet 24g protein per 30g serving, with an amazing taste, how do we achieve this? We use 3 blends of protein with differing rates of digestion, breaking down slowly throughout the day, meaning you stay fuller for longer without the additional calories, clever right?

    YES! we use a very low lactose blend of proteins, and ensure we add the correct amount of an enzyme to break down any lactose left over, meaning you get an easy digesting, lactose free protein powder.

    Again YES! Where possible we source gluten free Ingredients for our powder blends as well as in our Vegetable capsule products.

    Yes, we over free shipping on all orders above £60 when you use discount code: FREESHIP