What Are Nootropics?

What Are Nootropics?

A Noo Way of thinking!

 What are Nootropics? 

Nootropics is a term used for drugs, supplements or other substances that can be used to improve cognitive function, more catered towards memory, creativity or motivation for healthy individuals amongst many other cognitive based processes.

The term "nootropic" can cover 7 different kinds of nootropic which are ;

 Smart drugs  - aid in attention and focus

 Cholines  - aid in supporting normal brain developement and nerve function.

 B vitamin derivatives  - used to support energy and brain function.

 Ampakines   - supports memory and learning , may increas mental alertness and concentration.

 Peptides   - catered to aid Anxiety, focus, learning and memory , with peptides being one of the strong nootropics they are an excellent choice before mentally demanding tasks.

 Natural nootropics   - promotes brain health & communication as well as supports memory, reasoning & cognition.

 Racetams  - known to influence the acetylcholine system, which plays a vital role involved in learning and memory of an individual.

 What do they do? 

Nootropics in a whole all coincide with each other to help your mind function properly, such as enhancing an individual's;

 Mood  - nootropics can aid those who are hindered by anxiety, depression and even be used to relieve stress

 Focus  - Such as aiding energy production , concentration and those who suffer from ADHD

 Sleep  - these can be either herbal remedies such as lemon balm and valerian root to 5-HTP (5 - HydroxyTryptophan) lastly, ingredients that could aid lucid dreaming such as ALPHA-GPC

 Antioxidant purposes / Longevity  - nootropics that are also there to support brain function, act as anti-oxidants and immune support & joint support , basically to allow your body to function as it normally would at a younger age.

 Libido/Sexual health  -Testosterone Boosters (for men specifically) and also aid in libido usually used as aphrodisiacs these are actually vital to a positive mood .

 Memory & Learning  - nootropics play a major role in aiding in the process of memory and learning, some even used to treat cases of cerebral trauma

Overall Nootropics can be very beneficial for our daily life, as our body & mind respond to things differently under cases of stress, certain nootropics can benefit in category you may feel you need a boost in or if you suffer from hindering conditions such as ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder).

 Benefits in sports performance 

Alpha GPC for example has been linked to increased levels of growth hormone as well as quicker fat oxidation, meaning that it promotes muscle gains and helps to burn fat leading to improved physical performance and body composition .Aniracetam, in addition to being more potent than other racetam supplements like piracetam, can help to reduce anxiety as well as increase focus.

Another example would be Oxiracetams which increases spatial learning, which helps your brain to improve physical coordination. Huperzine A prevents the breakdown of acetylcholine to improve memory and muscle control; it also increase alertness.

All of these nootropics will improve neuronal communication between the brain and body,but they also have special individual effects leading to the choice being a "pick'n'mix" between what nootropics will benefit you in your certain sport.


 Where can you get Nootropics? 

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