What Is PNI Active?

The PNI brand was created in 2012 by husband & wife team Marc & Leah Byrne. Together they have a combined history of 30 years in the health, nutrition & sport supplement sector. Marc, a pharmacologist & personal trainer and Leah a fitness instructor & herbalist with a background in business administration & management. 

Their ethos is 'honest health & nutrition'

The health & nutrition industry is a saturated one. Both Marc & Leah grew tired of seeing products on the market that were poorly formulated, proprietary blends & that were both under-dosed & over-priced. 

They set out on a mission to create elite nutritional products with real purpose at affordable prices.

Using Marc's background in pharmacology, they endeavoured to create a brand of superior nutritional products that bridge the gap between nutrition & pharmaceuticals. 

In October 2009 Leah gave birth to their second child, a daughter named; Sophia.

From birth Sophia showed signs of physical discomfort & suffered from regular, painful ear, eye infections & stomach issues.

On weaning Sophia from breast milk to solid food she was very quickly diagnosed with a painful condition called ulcerative colitis.

After many, many hours of research into the condition & discovering that many people worldwide also suffered from this condition (and similar conditions) Marc & Leah decided that their household would become gluten free & lactose free in order to support Sophia's dietary needs. 

Now, as avid gym-goers, both Marc & Leah's daily diet consisted of a high protein, post workout diet shakes; so this would have to change. But how would they incorporate enough 'on the go' protein & nutrients into their daily diet & busy lifestyles as conveniently as they had done previously, without their post workout shakes? 

This was the beginning of PNI & the brand's flagship product Lean Shake Plus.