Definition Goals

Definition Goals

Building A Better You!

Being Lean and "Shredded" has always been a desirable factor in the Gym Lifestyle,
Some individuals are gifted with the ability to cut weight pretty easily, others not so much.
But despite those two factors, remain consistent with a healthy diet and training routine for you goals!

Many supplements , foods and little tips and tricks will suit your individual needs.

such as HIIT (high intensity interval training) a constant fluctuation of the training you perform will aid in more ways than one, The intense Exertion your body will produce during the training will kick your body's repair cycle into overdrive thus burning more calories/fat within a 24 hour period as compared to a steady state training session.

Another Benefit of HIIT is that you can do it ANYWHERE, Yes anywhere! not all intense training has to involve weights or machines, you can go to your local park and do sprint intervals and much more.

As for Supplementation , BCAA's are also a great starter, to aid the repair process and help prevent muscle wastage during long term fasting, taking BCAAs during fasted cardio is one way to use them as during the fasted state your body will be mobilizing fats and amino acids more for fuel preserving the muscle as much as possible in this state.

Tips - Drink Green tea, Green tea shows antioxidant benefits protecting cells from oxidative stress this factor on its own is a step towards a healthy lifestyle as for cutting weight. Green Tea holds Thermogenic properties and has shown benefits in boosting an individuals metabolism thus having your body consume calories and an accelerated & more efficient rate.

Food choices (Meat)  - each individual is different when it comes to dietary needs, foods that would be recommended during a "cut" would be White fish, White meats and some red meats just for an upkeep on Iron, Zinc and B vitamins (red meats are rich in these).

 Why white fish? white fish is usually low in fat and a good source of protein along with being a good source of selenium which will show benefits with your skin and iodine which shows results in aiding the functioning of a normal thyroid.

White meats? White meats such as turkey breast, chicken breast etc. are typically high in protein and low in fat this makes them open to being the starting food source for dieting.

Another trick for training is - " Not all weight you lift has to be heavy "

a common stereotype of people who go the gym is that because of they go to the gym, every session must include heavy weights, however this is false. As long as you challenge yourself and exhaust the muscle on your specific session change WILL happen along with a diet.

A good example for this would be "Pyramid sets" -

Let's say Karen is training legs today doing squats and she is aiming to get lean/shredded, a pyramid set for her legs would be something like -

7 sets:

10 reps of 30kg squat

10 reps of 40kg squat

10 reps of 45kg squat

10 reps of 50kg squat and then the other 4 sets consisting of the previous sets.

whether she hits the constant 10 reps near the end is unknown but she is challenging the muscle under a certain amount of pressure, this will cause the muscle to adapt to that weight and that pressure shaping the muscle to be more defined rather than to grow.

Another supplementation recommendation would be CLA, Conjugated Linoleic Acid , this supplement is a non-stim "fat burner" should we say, CLA aids in the oxidization of Fat cells and decreasing the fat cell storage in your body.

Food Tip - Holding water weight recently? Asparagus will flush it out !

Asparagus may not taste the greatest but it certainly works well ! a natural occurring amino acid in asparagus "Asparagine" is a natural diuretic, so including a couple hundred grams of this vegetable into your diet will have you slowly flushing that water away .

Here we have a Result Picture mid-way through someone's cut ( i say someone, its me my names Brian, hello ! Team PNI lifter of things and all round supplement ninja ! ) 

Patience plays a key role in chasing your goals.

One more food tip before we wrap things up here.

And that would be PORTION CONTROL ! now every individual is different as we stated previously, so we will not recommend the normal "food plate" display to you however we will show you this ;

The picture speaks for itself, Slowly tapering your calories off throughout the day over time will result in more energy throughout the day and a shrinkage of the waist, a much desired appearance for just about everyone.


Just remember everyone, through hard work and patience , greatness can be achieved!