Gut Health - 1 Month Supply
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Gut Health - 1 Month Supply

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PNI Gut Health is strongly advised for anyone who suffers from bloating or struggles to digest foods comfortably. PNI Gut Health will noticeably improve food digestion and significantly aid nutrient absorption. By improving your gut health you will experience a range of health benefits from improved mood, relief from bloating to more regular and comfortable bowel movements.


    The types of fiber (prebiotics) and friendly bacteria (probiotics) found in PNI Gut Health will significantly improve your health and overall wellbeing, especially if you suffer from digestive issues. Probiotics are live bacteria; bacteria are usually associated with disease-causing germs, but the body is full of bacteria, good and bad. Probiotics are beneficial as they keep your gut and digestive tract healthy. Ultimately, PNI Gut Health will aid digestion and nutrient absorption, as well as boost metabolism, which will have a variety of beneficial knock-on effects from soothing an upset stomach, increasing energy levels, improving mood to aiding weight loss. 

     What are the benefits of taking Gut Health? 

    • Keeps the digestive tract healthy
    • Aids in digestion 
    • Helps nutrient absorption
    • Boosts metabolism 
    • Provides relief from bloating  


    Take 2 caps with food (ideally with your biggest meal of the day or one that is high in fat, as this will aid absorption)

    Typical Values Per Capsule

    Biocore optimum complete* - 110mg
    Probiotic blend 6 strain - 77mg
    Fructooligosaccharides - 113mg
    Trikatu - 100mg
    Slippery elm - 100mg

    Biocore optimum complete*

    Amylase - 3500 DU
    Protease - 21,000 HUT
    Protease - 4,000 PC
    Alpha-galactosidase - 150 GaIU
    Glucoamylase - 9 AGU
    Lactase - 1,000 ALU
    Protease - 50 SAPU
    Invertase - 400 SU
    Lipase - 500 FIP
    Acid maltase - 14 MaltU
    Peptidase - 2 AP

    View label full transparency here

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