Heart Health - 1 Month Supply
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Heart Health - 1 Month Supply

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PNI Heart Health optimises your cardiovascular health, which in turn enhances athletic performance and reduces the risk of cardiovascular related diseases and events, such as heart disease and heart attacks. PNI Heart Health contains natural medicines that are found in cholesterol lowering and heart health medications, along with odorless garlic which has been clinically proven to reduce plaque buildup in the arteries. Heart Health is an appropriate supplement for any gym-goer or individual who is concerned about their cardiovascular health. 


  • Better blood flow 
  • Increased energy potential
  • Increased endurance capacity 
  • Reduced risk of a cardiac event
  • Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease

PNI Heart Health should not be used instead of prescribed medication. You should consult with your GP before use.  


PNI Heart Health contains natural ingredients that are clinically proven to improve cholesterol levels and blood pressure. PNI Heart Health would be suitable for anyone who has concerns about having high or increasing blood pressure, or anyone who has recently finished there prescribed medication. Additionally, PNI Heart Health is ideal for those seeking herbal alternatives to naturally aid their cardiovascular health. 

In relation to gym goers and athletes, by improving your blood pressure and cholesterol levels, you will be increasing the volume of oxygen-rich blood reaching your muscles and optimising glucose uptake, improving exercise performance and reducing the risk of a cardiac event and disease progression. Therefore by supplementing you will be improving you athletic capabilities and performance, leading to fast results, whether that be weight loss or muscle building. 

Take 2 caps daily on an empty stomach.

Typical Values Per Capsule

Red yeast rice 3% monokolin K - 600mg
Odourless Garlic 200 : 1 - 80mg

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